Self Awareness

»Even accomplished persons can benefit from self awareness exercise.The benefits can be non monetary but so worth it. You'll even relate well with those around you.

» Self awareness and Christianity are compatible. The whole Bible is full of different characters who experienced God. Some benefited from self awareness and some failed to understand themselves but The Creator loves everyone.

» Never for once think you're useless, it's just the mind playing tricks with you

»Learn and keep practicing being Assertive. People will walk all over you if you fail to stand for yourself.

» Self awareness is not for the rich or civilized. Even traditionally, history proves men were differently gifted

» Understand the world around you. People will leave when they want to. You're not to blame. Some will leave without a word. IT'S the world. Accept it

» Understand your functionality. What motivates you, immerse yourself in that. What demotivates you, avoid and distance yourself from that. Who has your back, appreciate them, who laughs at you, stop expecting a hand from them.

» You're not and will never be anyone! Embrace you. Super or not, YOU MATTER!